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Introducing a New Fashion Experience – Fashion by Attitude.

Welcome to Flair Boutique UK – the boutique where fashion is determined by attitude, not age! Have you ever heard a woman complement another woman about what she’s wearing and then follow it up with; “but I wouldn’t get away with it” or “I’m too old to wear that”? Fashion should be about dressing how you want to dress. Sure, we all know certain styles don’t suit our shape but the outfits you wear shouldn’t be determined by age.

At Flair Boutique UK we source affordable fashion to flatter different shapes and sizes. Age isn’t a consideration. We want a 20 year old to buy a beautiful jumpsuit, skirt or top from us that may be purchased later that day by a woman in her 40s or 50s. A classic blazer is a classic blazer whether you’re 33 or 65.

The philosophy at Flair Boutique UK is that your attitude to life should influence the way you shop for clothes and we want that attitude to be a positive and confident one. If you love the look of a dress then try it for size. If it fits and you feel good in it then don’t let anything or anyone hold you back from wearing it.

A bit of bling, an unusual cut, a daring pattern – try it on and see how you feel. Animal print is big news this season and it’s a bit like marmite so if you’re not a fan, that’s fine. But if you’re avoiding it because you think you can’t ‘carry it off’ we’re not buying that excuse!

Flair Boutique UK has such a wide choice of outfits that you can pop in or online for your basics and maybe end up buying a patterned bomber jacket that you wouldn’t have considered before. It’s such a great feeling when you find that perfect outfit. Whether you’re looking for a dress for work, a skirt and top for a night out with the girls or an occasion outfit, when you find an outfit you feel amazing in it shows in your face, the way you hold yourself and your attitude.. And we love to see a happy customer or receive a glowing review.

Fashion doesn’t come with an age limit. If you love it, wear it. Get your flair on and hold your head high, whatever your age.

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