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Attitude, not Age - Style Freedom at Flair

Updated: Mar 14

Here I am, suddenly hurtling towards the age of 49, not able to comprehend how it’s caught up with me and (all being well) how it won’t be that long until I’m planning my 50th! All the cliches spring to mind, about still feeling 21 and other such nostalgic outlooks about life and how I’m suddenly at this ‘stage’. It’s said that age is ‘just a number’ and that’s largely true, but then, as we get older, our approach to life changes, we have more lived experience (both good and bad) and yes, we are different. But that’s not to say we should compromise on style.

Don’t Restrict Your Style Choices

When I set up Flair Boutique in 2018, the ethos behind my brand was ‘Attitude, not Age’. I am still fully committed to my brand ethos and want to get to know my customers to find them flattering outfits without using expressions like ‘age-appropriate.’ Gone are the days when women reached a certain age and were suddenly encouraged to wear sensible elasticated trousers (although at Flair there is always room for an elasticated waistband!). Style should be determined by attitude – a woman’s outlook, confidence and personality should be reflected by her wardrobe. Arbitrary age restrictions are nonsense!

Mindful Styling from Flair Boutique

Fashion is dynamic and the style I offer at Flair is versatile – it’s designed to fit in with your lifestyle; whether you’re a busy Mum on the run, an entrepreneur building your business, you need an outfit that is suitable for modern hybrid working, you’re going on holiday or you have a special occasion where you want to feel incredible. My aim at Flair is to help you dress more mindfully by choosing pieces of clothing that can be dressed up and down, mixed and matched to work for multiple occasions giving you more value for money.

Women of all ages should express their personality through their style. Whether you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties or fifty-plus, your style should reflect your changing tastes, experiences, and aspirations, evolving with you, but NEVER being restricted by age.

Flattering Fashion, not Frumpy

I encourage women to dress to flatter their figure, so style determined by attitude isn’t about wearing outfits that are too clingy or too baggy. But that’s all down to body shape, not age! As someone who doesn’t wear much black, I love to see my customers embrace colour and, again, some colours suit some people and not others, but I can advise on that when you visit the boutique.

The most beautiful style you can wear is confidence. Regardless of age, any woman who carries herself in a self-assured way will rock her outfit. Your attitude and confidence transcend seasonal trends and is your most powerful fashion tool.

I’d describe my personal style as ‘eclectic.’ 30 years ago, at university I’d get all dressed up, complete with a choker, to go to certain clubs, but I’d also get my dungarees and doc martins on for a rock night! I’m still like this today (minus the chokers and docs!) I love the opportunity to get all glammed up, but I also like casual styling for the days when I’m racing around doing family things or chilling at home. I love to mix and match, find it hard to let go of clothes and enjoy putting different looks together.

Push Style Boundaries and Be You!

At Flair Boutique, I aim to break down any self-enforced barriers that are limiting your style choices based on age. I want to celebrate the beauty of diversity and encourage my Flair customers to push style boundaries. My Flair for fashion is about style creativity, self-expression and the glorious freedom to be you. On my socials I will be highlighting some of the most stylish women who inspire me because they express their individuality through their wardrobe – women like Rachel Peru and Fiona Campbell to name just two.

Attitude is Only Style Rule

In the Flair fashion community I have created, attitude surpasses age every time. We are all unique and your style should reflect that wonderful individuality. You may prefer sleek, classic styles or you might love to be bright and bold – find your Flair for style and let it shine through your wardrobe. Ignore outdated conventional style constraints and reflect your passions and personality. You don’t have to be twenty to be trendsetting! You can be fabulously stylish at forty, fifty and beyond. Let your attitude be the only style rule you follow.




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