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Keeping a Small Business Going in Unprecedented Times

Wow! None of us could have predicted the times we are currently living through and, unfortunately, none of us know how long it will be until we emerge again to some sort of daily ‘normality’. We are all trying to get our heads around the impact of Coronavirus across the globe and to deal with immediate concerns, keeping family safe and healthy, social distancing, getting grocery shopping and now the challenges of home schooling (our biggest test so far!) It’s a lot to cope with and it’s been thrust upon us with very little warning. So, amidst all the chaos, how are small businesses expected to keep going?

Flair Boutique UK – like most other businesses – has been forced to shut our in store provision until we are all able to mix socially again. This is a blow because we love the interaction with customers, we enjoy our event planning, meeting models and setting up fashion shows. Protecting each other is the priority so if that takes a closed shop, that’s how it must be. But we also have an online offering and for as long as we can, we’re encouraging customers to support us and all their favourite businesses by shopping online. Check out our fantastic range of affordable fashion online. If you need a birthday gift for a loved one, a comfy work-from-home outfit or a little weekend treat to distinguish your downtime from your semi ‘structured’ weekdays, then visit us online.

For the duration of this virus we will be offering free online shipping and free (socially

distanced) local delivery. We want to show you our gorgeous new stock on social media too so if you see something you like, let us know. Flair Boutique UK will strive to carry on as ‘normal’ when the current times are anything but. We know we face an uphill struggle, but we also know this time will pass so it’s all about supporting each other through so that we can pick up from where we left off when we’re out the other side!

Stay with us on our style journey because when times are tough, never under-estimate the positive mind-boosting powers of a good outfit! We’ll all in this together.

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